in the Villa Magia Verde

Who we are

10 good reasons for the Acores

10 good reasons to decide for us


We, Karin and Noel, warmly welcome you on our side. We would like to introduce you to the variety of the Azores, which fascinated us immediately. 2016 we found our dream of home here - in the middle of the beautiful Furnas on the main island of the Azores Sao Miguel. Flora and fauna, the people and the climate have fascinated us so much that we decided to focus our future lifestyle on here. And so we would like to invite you to experience this beautiful, partly untouched part of the earth.

• Low flight time nonstop
• Eldorado for nature lovers
• Excellent hiking paradise
• Unforgettable sea fauna
• Varied cultural offers
• Never overheat, never too cold
• Warm hospitality
• Exquisite island kitchen
• Careful handling of natural resources
• Versatile leisure facilities

• Wonderful and stylish villa
• Breathtaking panorama view directly   
   into the green
• Lovingly and individually furnished
• Immediately diverse nature
• Many interesting hot spots in the
   immediate vicinity
• Thermal baths within walking distance
• Internationally awarded Terra Nostra
   garden in the village
• Furnas hot springs in close proximity
• Furnas volcano sea nearby
• Sand beach Ribeira Quente


We love, what we are doing- our vision

Sustainable life in harmony with nature with a careful attention to the wonderful stimuli of the surroundings are an important concern for us. This is what we want to do in our Villa Magia Verde with interested guests and thus offer possibilities to come to rest, to make a "real" holiday and to rediscover itself.