Furnas and environment

Furnas is located in a long-established volcano crater - one of the three central active volcanoes of the island of São Miguel. Since the last eruption in 1630, the fertile ground of volcanic origin furnishes Furnas with its own climate. On the main island of the Azores, Furnas is known by the inhabitants as the 'garden of the island'.  


In "winter", the temperatures vary between 10º and 15ºC - in summer between 18º and 28ºC.   The temperate air temperature is an average of 15ºC every year and gives the Furnas "kettle" the charm of being never too cold and never too warm.  


The humidity in Furnas and near environment is quite high throughout the year, reaching an average of between 80 and 90%. This is because Furnas is about 300 meters above sea level and has a very rich vegetation.


Have a look at following pictures and get an impression of Furnas and its environment, likewise some touristical hot spots nearby.

Terra Nostra Garden

The volcanic soil and the variety of springs and watercourses make Furnas a special plant richness. The Terra Nostra Garden in Furnas combines this splendor with the offer of various thermal baths, which show how much the climate here is still characterized by the volcanism of the island group of the Azores. From gushing water holes and geysers, which release their sulfur-laden steam into the air to pleasantly warm bathing possibilities, the Terra Nostra Garden offers a wide offer to deal with this natural spectacle.

Caldeiras da Lagoa das Furnas

Also on the Caldeiras, the typical water holes with partly boiling hot water vapor and always bubbling noises, it soon becomes clear that the island is characterized in all its splendor by the volcanic origin. This was the last eruption of the volcano crater around Furnas in 1630. At the Lagoa Das Furnas, the prehistory of the active volcanoes came to life again. Numerous bubbling water holes bear witness to the primal power that humans have made to their advantage, especially in Furnas. Peasants cook a delicious meat pot, the Cozido the Furnas, in the hot bottoms. Marvel at the smoldering openings to the interior, and enjoy the traditional dish in one of the numerous restaurants in and around Furnas.

Ribeira Quente

Another "hot spot" of the ever-present past of the island. Under the sand beach of Ribeira Quente, about 7 kilometers from Furnas, hot water runs, which warm the beach all year round. Even when the temperature is cool, put your feet into the sea, so you can feel the difference, which will keep your feet warm. The beach invites you to relax as well as the panorama of its natural structure as a semi-bay. Here you can make direct contact with the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the island and then dry the chilled skin on the warm sand.