on the island of São Miguel

 The Azores Islands lie between the continents of America (about 4500 km) and Europe (about 1500 km) and are still quite unknown as a destination. This is why the often still urban unaffectedness, which, hopefully, will continue to be sustained for a long time even with increasing tourist interest.  


Again and again we speak of "our piece of paradise" and are sure about that you will make a similar decision when you get to know São Miguel, Furnas and our Villa Magia Verde.  


The Azores are said to be one of the best kept secrets on earth. Historians even suspect the place of sunken Atlantis. The Azores consist of nine different islands: São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Graciosa, Flores and Corvo.  


Every island has its own individual charm. The Azoreans say that a lifetime is not enough to get to know the Azores in all their diversity. But at least the main island comes close to holistic learning, since it partly unites and represents the diversity of the other islands and does not lose its size in its own "appearance".  


Each tour, every journey of discovery brings us always new uniqueness, lets us see new things. Breath-taking that makes us feel like a stranger every time in these places, which we already knew so well to know.  


And yet - deep in our hearts we have found our home here, right in the middle. That is why we sincerely invite every interested visitor and say goodbye to our guests with a "see you soon" - in the awareness that the most want to return to explore the islands further and to love.